We provide a versatile range of services. Following list contains the most prominent.


The universal and flexible approach provided by VVS combined with our insurance and technology knowledge result in fast and successful implementation of needed business logic. Click here for more information about VVS.

Other services for Insurance companies

Besides solutions based on VVS product, we can provide you following services related to business process of insurance company:


The diversity of our team enables us to offer you a broad spectrum of posibility to realize your IT demands in an application that fits your IT-environment and your company. enhancements/enrich in business-process

Web Development

Our experience and tools like Euinfo-Framework enable us to develop not only robust, reliable and secure Web-Applications but also develop them fast. Within no time we will be able to put your ideas for an application into reality with solid User Management and sleek User Interface - no matter if it's intended for internal usage (intranet) or if it's a service for your customers.

Desktop Applications

A major strength of our team is the care that we put into maintaining and further developing of our desktop applications. Years of experience enables our team to develop desktop applications with a rugged design for companies with high standards regarding reliability and security.

SMS/MMS Services

Do you want to use SMS/MMS to enrich your relationship with your customers or do you want to get notified on special events in this very direct way? You can count on our expertise to integrate this technology into your business processes. We provide you the techniques and know-how to run a SMS/MMS-Service no matter what you are planning to do with it.


Each member of our team is open to new technologies. We take the best aspects of each technology in consideration to find the most suitable for a problem. This way we have build up a repertoire of skills, that we are able to offer in programming:

and following areas: